Jacob Parry

Jacob Parry

I’m Jacob

I’m a Canadian system administrator and developer with a special interest in web-based applications and Linux server administration. Currently, I specialize in the administration and maintenance of medium-scale internal systems supporting a team of passionate developers. Pull cables, deploy a Kubernetes cluster, or diagnose a malfunctioning nginx server from 2000km away, I’ve done it.

I have experience working with

Work Experience

Digital Echidna

I’m currently employed at Digital Echidna as a System Administrator. I’ve worked with DE several times, including throughout my co-op program as a web developer, mainly specializing in backend development for Drupal. Right now, I spend my days supporting an awesome time creating awesome websites using Drupal, one of the world’s leading Content Management Systems. I maintain internal tooling, CI/CD, client systems, Kubernetes clusters, and more! Often my role can involve consulting on RFPs and projects for clients as needed, as well as hopping in to triage and fix tough-to-crack issues. I thrive on a good challenge, and will always work as hard as possible to find a solution no matter how troublesome the task may seem or have proven. I have a known track record of being able to solve the unsolvable, fix the unfixable, and break the unbreakable.

At Digital Echidna, I’ve developed a passion for Kubernetes, and continue to build on that momentum to use it internally and externally wherever feasible. I’ve previously contributed back to open source projects such as Docker, and intend to continue doing so wherever possible.

Big Blue Bubble

Previously I was employed at Big Blue Bubble as a Systems Administrator. My primary responsibilities were ensuring that all internal systems continue to function to support the ongoing development of our games for several platforms. As part of this, I maintained several internal tools as well as the majority of our web presences. This involved administering local systems as well as cloud-based resources, and working with a variety of vendors both local and abroad.

Education and Certifications

I graduated from Fanshawe College’s Computer Programmer Analyst program in December 2016 after completing three co-op work sessions with Digital Echidna.

In April 2017, I received my Acquia Certified Developer - Drupal 8 certification at DrupalCon 2017. This demonstrates a well rounded knowledge of building performant, secure Drupal websites.

On May 30, 2019, I received my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, demonstrating basic knowledge of Amazon’s cloud platform.

On May 31 2019, I received my Acquia Certified Cloud Pro certification. This demonstrates knowledge of Acquia’s leading Drupal hosting platform.

On November 29, 2019, I received my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification, demonstrating the ability to build highly available, fault-tolerant, cost-efficient, and scalable solutions on AWS. It requires one or more years of hands-on experience to achieve this certification.

I continue to pursue additional certifications and certifications tracks, time permitting, where they are applicable to my current or desired roles.


The best way to contact me would be to send an email to tp@threadproc.io or to contact me via GitHub.

All opinions expressed are my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employers, past or present.